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Single Margin Dominator

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For Cast Iron applications, Fullerton’s Engineering Team recommends our 1504 Dominator drill. This design is similar to our 1505 Dominator series with a slight twist. By removing the trailing margin, the drill has superior performance in Cast Iron while maintaining all the other characteristics of the very popular Dominator series. This series is presently available in custom designed options only.


  • Specials Only
  • 2 Flutes
  • 30° Helix
  • 144° Dominator Point
  • Single Margin
  • Right Hand Spiral
  • Right Hand Cut
  • Coolant Through and Solid
  • Metric and Inch Based Tools
  • Dura Carb (Micrograin)
  • Shank Diameter Tolerance: +.0000” -.0005” / +0.000 -0.013mm
  • Cutter Diameter Tolerance: +.0000“ -. 0005” / +0.000 -0.013mm

Call 1-855-722-7243 for available tools in this series!