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MATRX Advanced Composite Tooling

Our MATRX Advanced Composite Tooling is designed to withstand various composite materials, applications and industries. Our MATRX tooling includes PCD Routers, PCD End Mills, Composite End Mills, Composite Poly Drills and Composite Burr Routers.

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“Fullerton’s quality and their people is what makes them a stand-out manufacturer.” – Jim Terry, PF Markey

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Check out our latest Tool Tip about High Temperature Alloy Reaming. It features recommendations with materials, tool geometry, pre-hole details and application details.

Expanded Offering of 1535 Spot Drills

We now are stocking various diameters and lengths of our 1535 Series Spot Drills standard with our FC-7 Coating. They are available with a 90°, 120° or 150° point angles.